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What is the Winter Retreat?

The Appalachian Search and Rescue Conference (ASRC) sponsors an annual Winter Retreat to bring together members from each Group to share their knowledge and experience in Search and Rescue. Typically this happens through formal presentations by speakers and by side conversations. It is a weekend of fellowship between ASRC Groups and gives a forum for information exchange. Another important purpose of the Winter Retreat is for Groups to come together to discuss the direction of ASRC.

What is the theme of the 2020 Annual Winter Retreat?

The theme this year is Advancing the State of Search and Rescue. As Search and Rescue practitioners and members of the ASRC, we are always seeking new opportunities to do what we do in a way that finds the lost person as quickly as possible. We want to practice our craft as well as we can, look for opportunities for improvement, and transfer our knowledge to others. We want to be leaders in the practice of search and rescue and be at the forefront of technology, methods, knowledge. The many presentations and discussions held at the Winter Retreat are designed with meeting the goals of our Strategic Plan, SP2020.

What is content of the technical sessions this year.

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